Christian Brueckner Wiki, Madeleine Mccann, Age, Latest News

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Christian Brueckner Wiki, Madeleine McCann, Age, Latest News

Christian Brueckner Wiki, Madeleine McCann, Age, Breaking News – A search expert predicted the results and offered potential explanations for the hunt for Madeleine McCann at a reservoir in the Algarve. A spot in the woods at the Arade Dam, 45 minutes from where Madeleine disappeared, is where German police with shovels and spades are expected to excavate. Divers’ boats have also been seen on the waterway.

Christian Brueckner Wiki, Madeleine McCann, Age, Latest NewsChristian Brueckner Wiki, Madeleine McCann, Age, Latest News

However, Kevin Hurley, a former chief of detectives for the Metropolitan Government, insists that 16 years after Madeleine disappeared, it is “very unlikely” that the authorities will find out anything.

The Arade Dam has a surface area of ​​5 square miles and is many kilometers long. Christian Brueckner, the main suspect in the investigation, once called the site a “little paradise”.

It was finally searched in vain in 2008 by a private diving team when Portuguese lawyer Marcos Aragao Correia received word that Madeleine’s body had been submerged.

The group of British divers organized by Mr Correia waded through the water and went down to 150 feet deep. However, the business quickly ran out of money.

“It’s very unlikely they’ll find something years later in such a large reservoir,” Mr Hurley said, referring to this week’s hunt to GBNews. Although he warned, “we’re talking about a very young child,” he said there was “always a possibility” of finding information to identify Madeleine. If you look at the website, it’s really huge,” he continued.

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It would be extremely difficult to perform a complete fingerprint search underwater in deep water with a group of divers. Although Mr Correia’s search in 2008 uncovered a number of potentially suspected materials including a 17-foot rope and adhesive strip, it was never officially connected to the case. .

“I didn’t know what lake it was at the time, but I quickly passed all this information on to the Portuguese Judicial Police, who completely ignored them, and then Metodo 3, the detective agency. Spanish privateer later hired by Madeleine’s parents. to find their daughter,” Mr Correia told

“Method 3 did everything in its power to find Madeleine and find out what happened to her. It was the only ‘organization’ that noticed me.

German authorities ordered a new search at the Arade Dam because they believe the main suspect Christian Brueckner killed Madeleine after taking her from a holiday home in Praia Da Luz in 2007.

The German police search request is unknown, but DCS Hurley has put forward several theories as to why. He claimed that someone with a connection to Bruckner may have provided a “signature” regarding the dam.

Instead, “the psychopath” Brueckner may be “manipulating German investigators for the purpose of attracting attention”.

He also said he may be trying to “negotiate some sort of agreement” regarding the additional charges he is facing in Germany. “He might say let me help you with this and it could improve any potential sentencing outcome he has,” Mr Hurley continued.

Pedophile Christian Brueckner, who is in prison, was named a prime suspect in April. At the same resort where Maddie disappeared in 2005, he sexually assaulted an elderly American woman.

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Christian Brueckner Wiki, Madeleine McCann, Age, Latest News

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Christian Brueckner Wiki, Madeleine McCann, Age, Latest News

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