Cerys Morgan- All About The Wife Of Russell Howard

Cerys Morgan is the stunning wife of Russell Howard, an English-born comedian, television presenter, and actor best known for his television programs Russell Howard’s Good News and The Russell Howard Hour. Cerys is a geriatrician. She is employed at NHS.

Quick Facts

Full Name Cerys Morgan
First Name Cerys
Last Name Morgan
Profession Celebrity Wife
Nationality English
Birth Country United Kingdom
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Russell Howard
Married Date June 2019

She dated Howard for 15 years before marrying him at a secret wedding.

Cerys was 17 when she began dating her brother’s friend Howard, who was 21 at the time, in 2001. They dated for 15 years before heading down the aisle in a private wedding in June 2019. In 2018, Howard announced his marriage to Cerys on Alan Carr’s Christmas Cracker. Celebrity attendees at their private wedding included English actress and comedian Roshan Conaty and British comedian and actor Greg Davies. Howard related an amusing event at his wedding in which his uncle asked Greg what he did for a career, to which Greg answered that he was a performer, to which his uncle questioned whether it was a circus or anything else.

Cerys Morgan

For years, Howard was able to keep Cerys out of the limelight.

Cerys and Howard had been dating since 2004, but Howard, a prominent person, kept Cerys out of the limelight for several years. Cerys had a serious profession, and he was a clown, he said at the time, explaining why he kept their connection quiet. Howard went to fight after she answered yes to his proposal. Howard admitted to moving on to a fight after Cerys answered yes to his proposal on The Jonathan Ross Show.

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According to him, he was in Japan when he proposed to Cerys, to which she replied yes, and three hours later, he went to fight beside his mother. When questioned whether he was dissatisfied with her response, he said that he had a sumo battle to attend to. He also discussed his wedding day, claiming that there were several hecklers throughout his speech. His father booed when his brother, who was his best man at the wedding, delivered the speech. When his brother began reminiscing about their odd upbringing, his father said, “Because we didn’t like you.” Similarly, when they were proclaimed husband and wife, their dog, who was the ring bearer, nearly puked.

She was actively engaged in the frontline battle against the Coronavirus.

Cerys was an active participant in the battle against the virus during the first Coronavirus pandemic in 2020. She was on a six-month sabbatical to assist on the front, but her time was cut short. During that period, she and her spouse were separated. Howard kept him secluded with his parents at his boyhood home in Bath so that Cerys might be safer at their London house among other physicians.

Cerys Morgan

In an interview, Howard said that it was strange at first because there was incredible pride on one side and anxiety on the other, watching the nurses and physicians in full PPE gear, including his wife.

She is a dog owner

Cerys has no children with her long-term lover turned husband, Russell Howard. But she is a dog owner. Archie, their Jack Russell Terrier, is their pet. The three-person family has been dwelling in Camden, London.

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Howard confessed in 2018 that he would be a horrible father after stating that he would marry the next year and that the children would transform his life. He went on to remark that he considers himself fortunate to have an intelligent and brilliant girlfriend who is now his wife and can handle the rearing and that all of his dreams are placed in her hands.

We’ve never seen Russell before.

Russell Howard has always been portrayed in the media as a fun-loving personality who makes others laugh, but in a podcast called “The Diary of a CEO,” another side of him was shown, featuring him as an inspirational, useful, and vulnerable Russell Howard. She attributes his sense of humor and determination to his mother and father, respectively.

Russell describes his mother as a warm, tinkling-eyed tiny woman who is always extremely hilarious, has no concept of authority, and is inherently bright and joyous. She describes how bringing his mother to a hotel room reminds him of us as children since she gets enthusiastic and delighted about the world, but his father is a quiet but tenacious guy.

Russell notes that he was raised by two distinct types of domineering personalities. Russell also claims that once you discover you can make others laugh, it becomes addicting. He believes that doing stand-up comedy is a lot of fun and also describes it as a dangerous drug.

He also said that he has been performing stand-up since he was 18 years old, which allowed him to uncover the mechanism by which you can accomplish life and that everything is sad, joyful, good, odd, and so on. Russell also discloses that the interesting thing about all comics is that if one finds oneself in a bizarre or tragic scenario, in reality, there is always a little portion of the brain that believes there may be a tiny bit in this.

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He recounts how they had a severe sickness that caused them to not be genuinely present where they are. Russell also said that every comedian he knows has that thing where reality is always auditioning for a spot on the set. Russell claims that he runs things by observing all of the minor things that he notes on his phone, and all of those points eventually find their way. We may claim that we are connecting the dots with society.

Net Worth

Cerys’s actual net worth is unknown, however, she makes a good living as a frontline doctor. As of today, her husband, Rusell Howard, has a net worth of less than $4 million as of June 2023.

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