Carlitos Bala A Famous Comedian Passed Away At The Age Of 97

Carlitos Bala, a comedian, actor, musician, and children’s entertainment, died on September 22 at the age of 97. Laura Gelfi, his granddaughter, broke the news, saying,

“We are sad, but we are together, and that is how he departed, united with family and a lot of love.”

Bala was admitted to the Guemes Sanatorium and was under monitoring before his death. During a recent LAM broadcast, panelist Estefania Berardi said that Carlitos became ill in the afternoon and that his family chose to send him to the hospital after consulting with his primary care doctors. Meanwhile, his medical history is unclear, and there is no information on whether he had any other health problems in the past.

On Twitter, people pay respect to Carlitos Bala.

Carlitos Bala was a boyhood icon for many generations. Fans expressed homage to him on Twitter after his death:

“Soft power”. RIP Carlitos Balá (1925-2022)

— Fernando Straface (@fstraface) September 23, 2022

Rip Carlitos balá

— estoy de acuerdo con bolainas (@silvershr0ud) September 23, 2022

All About Carlitos Bala

Carlitos Bala, who was born on August 13, 1925, was a well-known performer and specialist in children’s entertainment. He became well-known for his bowl-cut haircut and catchy catchphrases. He appeared in a weekly television program devoted to children’s amusement, similar to Piluso and Pepito. The show’s core cast also includes Angueto, an unseen dog. He was also well-known for his roles in a number of family-friendly flicks.

Carlitos Bala


Bala began his career on radio and afterward moved on to television. He was a member of the Bala, Marchesini, and Locatti trio and paid a visit to Pope Francis in Vatican City in 1991 before being named the Ambassador of Peace in Rome. In March 2019, architect Ruben Diaz dedicated his Arc de Triomf construction in the Alberti area of Ituzaingo in Fleming and Brussels. “What does salt taste like?” he said, to which everyone answered, “Salaa” Bala had the concept in 1969, on a day in Mar del Plata, when a youngster glanced at him and Bala feigned not to notice him.

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Carlitos Bala

He yelled and inquired about the flavor of the sea, saying, “Ahhh, the sea tastes like salt.” But how does salt taste?” The youngster said that it tasted salty. Mustafa Balaa, Carlitos’ father, was a butcher in Beirut, and Juana Boglich Catturich was his mother. Nicolas, his grandpa, was from Austria, and Felicia, his grandmother, was from Uruguay. His children, Laura and Martin Balaa, are among those who have survived.

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