Blake Benjamin- All About The Son Of Casey Dellacqua

Casey Dellacqua’s newborn boy’s name is Blake Benjamin. When it comes to Casey, she is a former Australian tennis player and current tennis pundit. Her parents are Nita Dellacqua and Kim Dellacqua, and she was born in Perth, Australia.

Quick Facts

Full Name Blake Benjamin
First Name Blake
Last Name Benjamin
Profession Celebrity Kid
Nationality Australian
Birth Country Australia
Father Name Casey Dellacqua
Father Profession Tennis player
Mother Name Amanda Judd
Mother Profession Recreation Officer
Gender Identity Male
Sibilings Andie, Jesse James Judd
Date of Birth August 2013
Age 9 years


Blake is not Casey’s only kid, although he is surrounded by two siblings. Blake is the older of the two. He has a younger sister and a younger brother. On April 27, 2016, her sister Andie was born, following Blake. Andie is now six years old. Then came his younger brother, who was given the name Jesse James Judd. On March 12, 2019, he entered this planet.

He is now three years old. We can see three of them on their mother’s Instagram since they are all too young to use social media. We see them giving Casey strong embraces, enjoying Christmas together, three of them in PJs, spending quality time with their mom at the park, celebrating one another’s birthdays, and many other things.

Casey Dellacqua

Learn about Blake’s parents

Casey and Amanda Judd, his mother, are lesbians. Because of their compatibility, two of them have consistently been on trending sites. To begin with, Casey is a very strong and independent lady. Despite being hurt many times throughout the game, Casey manages to compete and even win the championship. She has finished the second seven times and won once. Furthermore, she won the French Open in 2008, the Australian Open in 2013, the US Open in 2013, and the French Open again in 2015. Casey won the French Open in 2011. Aside from that, Casey is known to be a sports lover who enjoys football and tennis.

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Amanda Judd, on the other hand, works as a Recreation Officer for the City of Sydney. She oversees and organizes a variety of organizations, events, services, activities, and facilities. Amanda is an American citizen. Furthermore, Casey and Amanda are seven months apart rather than seven years apart. Casey was born on the 11th of February, whereas Amanda was born on the 14th of September.

Are Casey and Amanda married?

The charming pair have been married for well over a decade. Two of them had shown to the rest of the world their great love, bonding, and relationships. They are often seen aiding and enjoying one other’s company. Amanda also watches her partner’s game to help her. Casey was a seasoned player at the time, and he didn’t have a regular partner to play with.

As a result, Ash Barty emailed her and asked if she wanted to be partnered with her. They are both excellent partners who have invested a significant amount of time in the game. Many people in the crowd may have assumed that they had a personal connection, which is completely false. Ash and Casey are solely professionally connected. On the other hand, Ash has been formally dating another guy for quite some time.

Casey Dellacqua

Casey Dellacqua revealed her own thoughts.

When asked whether her retirement from the game seemed like a death to her, Casey said that she felt like a resurrection. She expressed her excitement for the next phase of her life. Casey was already a mother of two children when she retired. As a result, the woman felt more awake and purposeful. Finally, when asked what her overriding feeling was when she announced her resignation, Casey said it was a relief.

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She remarked that the most important thing to her is having relationships and spending time with family, and she revealed that she was unable to devote time to her family. She traveled more in a year. She also understood that after tennis, other great moments awaited her, such as spending every day with her children, preparing them breakfast, putting them to bed every night, and many more.

Net Worth

Blake’s mother has a total net worth of $2.5 million as of August 2023, owing to his youth.

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