Bill Nye Aka “The Science Guy” Was Rumored To Be Arrested Back In 2019

Back in September 2019, there was a report that Bill Nye, The Science Guy, had been jailed. Contact us to learn more about the arrest. Bill Nye, The Scientific Guy, full name William Sanford Nye, is a mechanical engineer, science communicator, and television presenter.

From 1993 to 1999, he presented the science television show Bill Nye the Science Guy, where he was known as Bill Nye. He is also well known for his 2017 Netflix show Bill Nye Saves the World. First, he started his career as a stand-up comedian; he started his comedy career in 1978 and ended it in 1986. He also worked as an actor and writer for a while.

Is the science guy Bill Nye arrested?

Back in 2019, Bill Nye was making headlines and the details regarding his arrest for cocaine trafficking were widely released. The investigation was conducted intermittently and the truth about the drug sale was revealed; Several sources attest that the story is untrue. People began to believe the arrest rumors because the truth had not been revealed for a long time. Some publications include news, such as “Bill Nye has been detained in his Los Angeles, detectives suspect Nye involved in the sale and production of drugs. In Bill Nye’s bunker, they discovered pounds of money and illegal substances, including $6 million in cash.”

Bill Nye

The story was released by an anonymous source, however, the material in the article was reported as false. Social media is both a great and a bad tool; bogus news quickly convinces some individuals. Furthermore, the entry went viral and some people didn’t think it was fake news. People are blindsided by social media and they believe every new share.

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What exactly did Bill Nye do? charge and arrest

Nye, The Science Guy, is not in custody for illegal activities; Reports of his detention are a rumor. He did not engage in any drug sales or other illegal activity that led to his arrest. People began to believe that he was involved in illegal activity because some newspapers revealed that he was arrested on 19% of drug charges; It’s official news, but it’s fake. He was in his apartment doing his job when news of his detention broke; he was not arrested for anything that night. Nye also authenticated the fake story on her social media accounts. People began to suspect that the information was untrue after hearing various rumors.

Bill Nye

Many worried citizens began tweeting about his detention; Social media has become more important in today’s climate. Because everyone relies on social media, individuals believe everything they read on any social networking site. As a result, several stories were written after his detention was announced, making the story the real cause of his detention. However, the 2019 rumor is false and the story is based on a work of fiction produced in 2014, 5 years ago. So in 2019, The Science Guy has not been arrested or charged for any criminal activity and the report is just rumour.

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