Beni Johnson Passed Away At The Age Of 67

Beni Johnson, the co-founder of Bethel Church, died on July 13 at the age of 67, after a lengthy battle with cancer. Beni’s husband, Bill, paid her homage on Facebook, saying she is now “whole and free.” The post received a deluge of public responses, even as Beni’s son Brian shared his anguish on Instagram, writing, “My mother returned home tonight. I adore you, Mom.”

Beni Johnson Cause Of Death

In 2018, Beni was diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors claimed at the time that two tumors in her right breast had been removed. Doctors discovered that she had a mutation in her BR2 gene, which put her in danger of being diagnosed with cancer again. Bethel Church has asked everyone to pray for Beni since February 2022, when she was having respiratory issues.

At the time, they wrote,

“As many of you are well aware, Beni Johnson has been on a cancer-fighting journey. We’ve been praying on a regular basis, and she’s seen some progress.”

Beni Johnson

She had been battling the sickness for a long time, and the church announced on July 13 that she was at home and receiving hospice care. They also said,

“Here’s the present situation: Bill, Beni, and their physicians decided late last week that it was time to shift from chemotherapy treatment to symptom relief.” Beni is currently receiving hospice care at home.”

Twitter users pay tribute

Beni Johnson rose to prominence as one of the Bethel Church’s leaders, and when the news of her death broke, Twitter was swamped with accolades. Some individuals remarked about how Beni had supported or motivated them to pursue their aspirations in their tributes. Though many were heartbroken by Beni’s death, several emphasized that they did not share the Johnson family’s values. People also shared accounts of others who had contact with the family and their beliefs, hoping that “the Lord would open their eyes to the truth.”

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We join the family and friends of Beni Johnson in mourning the loss – & celebrating the life – of this great lady.

Beni was such a gracious, kind & loving person. It was her encouragement that first motivated me to publish my book, The Power of Hope. Her life touched millions.

— Dutch Sheets (@dutchsheets) July 14, 2022

I just found out Bill Johnson’s (head of Bethel, Redding) wife Beni died yesterday of cancer.

My heart breaks for the family in their hopelessness at this time. Please pray that the Lord will use their grief to open a door to repentance & faith in the true Christ of Scripture.❤️

— Michelle Lesley (@MichelleDLesley) July 14, 2022

Everything there is to know about Beni Johnson

The Bethel Church’s mission was tied to Beni’s name to intercession. She had a role in the formation of the Intercession Team and Bethel’s Prayer House. Johnson also provided a term for the church to use in order to achieve physiological, religious, and emotional well-being. Her desire was to watch the healthy and free lives of God’s people and to see them open the way for the planet’s unique state of well-being to be restored.

Beni Johnson

Furthermore, her compassion for people, care for their well-being, and devotion to prayer all led to the crucial breakthrough in Bethel’s mission. A perfectly gratifying prayer may describe her wish to see all of God’s people enjoy their full lives. Johnson also wrote works such as The Happy Intercessor, Healthy and Free, The Power of Communion, 40 Days to Wholeness, and others. Beni and her husband Bill have been senior leaders at Bethel Congregation for a long time, and the church is well-known for its worship hymns and emphasis on the Holy Spirit’s gifts.

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