Aris Hampers Passed Away At The Age Of 73

Aris Hampers, a famous radio personality, has just died at the age of 73. John Sinkevic, his close friend, said that Hampers passed away after a long battle with cancer. Aris Hampers has become famous for his numerous radio appearances and is widely praised for his work as an online presenter and music director. After his death, countless fans and friends of the late actor rushed to social networks to express their condolences.

Aris Hampers is suffering from melanoma on his windpipe.

Aris Hampers revealed in a December 2019 Facebook post that he has been absent from the social network for about six months. He added that he noticed a difference in his voice in February 2016 and decided to seek medical attention.

The post stated:

“He checked my throat and found nothing. I assume it’s because growing up is a normal transition for someone who has spent most of his life ‘talking’ to a career in radio, not to mention the fact that I smoked since the last year of high school.

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According to Hampers, the situation got worse over the next three years. He describes getting offers for voiceover jobs, requesting guest podcasts, and returning to the radio station for a full-time afternoon shift. However, Aris Hampers says he turned down all offers because he believes his vocals “will eventually get worse.”

He revealed that there was a time when he couldn’t talk to anyone, even in a slightly noisy environment, and when he went for an ENT exam, they discovered a tumor behind the voice box. his. Hampers had a malignant tumor on his trachea, which was discovered after several examinations and surgery.

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He say, “

“On the plus side, it’s a ‘non-invasive’ cancer, which means that not only has it not spread to other parts of my body, but it doesn’t require chemotherapy. On the negative side, the tumor has been severely damaged by the larynx/larynx and is irreversible. The only way I can live is to erase it.”

He went on to say that he had to stay in the hospital for 14 days and the procedures were as expensive as a mid-sized home in the West. Hampers also mentions his mother’s death from cancer at the end of the article. “Thank you Aris, for all the memories,” the singers and fans said of the late radio personality. Clark Boring, a singer, paid tribute to the Hampers on Facebook, uploading a photo and saying his passing is a great loss.

He declared:

“If you’re a musician in Michigan, you know who this man is and chances are he’s had a positive impact on your live music, whether it’s because he played the song. your friend on the radio or your band can play his music. introduced at The Orbit Room, or you just had an interesting conversation about music history with him.”

He continued:

“His voice is legendary, but his influence on the local music scene is much bigger. Thank you, Aris, for all the experience and capabilities you have provided to me and my colleagues.”

Bruce Madden, a Facebook user, said that he first met Aris in Grand Rapids many years ago and they reconnected at Believe In Music. Madden also said that he and Aris used to spend a lot of time talking about music. As news of Aris’ death spread, social media platforms flooded with condolences. They sent heartfelt letters lamenting the passing of the “radio legend”.

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Aris Hammers became interested in music at a young age.

Aris Hampers, son of Peter and Vivian Hampers, was born on May 4, 1949. He became interested in music as a child because he spent a lot of time in front of phonographs and jukeboxes. motion. Hampers is also a pianist and organist, as well as a composer. In 1976, he graduated from Ottawa Hills High School and also wrote and sang for The SoulBenders and Phlegethon.

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He eventually rose to fame as an online presenter and music director on several radio stations, and he organized rock hunts to create opportunities for local bands. His older brother Dean, nieces Viviana and Marisa, five nephews and great-grandchildren, and cousins ​​Maria, Jim, Helene and Andrew survived him. The viewing will take place on February 9 at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, followed by a memorial service the following day. Donations should be sent to the American Cancer Society by anyone who wishes to do so.

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