Are speculations linking ‘Orca’ responsible for missing submarine at Titanic wreckage site true?

Speculation has spread on the internet that orcas, also known as killer whales, may be responsible for the disappearance of the submersible heading to the Titanic wreck site in the North Atlantic. Some have drawn a link between reports of killer whales playing with fishing boats and wondered if they had orchestrated the submersible’s disappearance.

The submersible, called Titan, disappeared on June 18 while on a deep-sea expedition to the wreck area, with five crew members on board. As the search and rescue operation began, theories arose regarding killer whales. However, experts have rejected this theory, insisting that it is false and detrimental to the orcas’ reputation.

Wait, aren’t they just telling us about orcas tormenting fishing boats for fun?!?? I bet those silly killer whales grabbed this submarine and played with it the damn time!! #MissingSub #Titanic

– MMegan (@MMegan79) June 20, 2023

Andrew Trites, Director of the Marine Mammal Research Unit, explains that although orcas inhabit the North Atlantic, their diving depth does not exceed 100 meters, while the Titanic wreck site located about 4,000 meters below the surface. Therefore, speculation about killer whales causing the disappearance of the submersible is unfounded.

there’s no way the orcas attacked the boat and 2 days later it happened

– yung dad (@bitterdepasq) June 20, 2023

Despite the lack of evidence, social media users took to Twitter to humorously mention that killer whales could be the culprit, joking that they are holding billionaires inside underwater.

Did the orcas have a great time with that sub?

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– steven THEE burro (@steventuality) June 20, 2023

Inaccurate speculation about orcas stems from incidents involving a school of orcas from the Strait of Gibraltar, which involved the sinking of three ships. However, Andrew Trites clarified that this particular shell cannot be related to the disappearance of the Titan submersible.

Some say that killer whales can help find the billionaire’s submersible…

– Tweetmonger™️ (@DwayneFuhlhage) June 20, 2023

Trites points out that the sinking of ships by orcas is characteristic of killer whale pods off the coasts of Portugal and Spain, and that these killer whale pods do not interact with whale shoals. other assassins. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that other orca races could independently develop the behavior of boat sinking.

Furthermore, Trites emphasizes the stark difference in construction materials between submersibles and sailboats. Submersibles are built with materials that can withstand the extreme pressures of deep-sea diving, making them undamaged or sunk by marine animals. In contrast, sailboats, which are usually made of fiberglass, are more susceptible to damage due to their fragile nature.

While experts dismissed speculation about killer whales’ involvement in the submersible’s disappearance, they expressed concern about the negative impact on the killer whale’s reputation. They worry that these theories, which claim that killer whales intentionally damage ocean vessels for entertainment, could lead to tragic consequences and instill unwarranted fear in these majestic creatures. .

Monika Wieland, Director of the Orca Behavior Institute, expressed her concern about media coverage of close to hysteria, which could lead people to develop an irrational fear of fish glass. She emphasizes that, aside from the small population near the Strait of Gibraltar, orcas are not interested in interacting with vessels of any kind.

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Did you know that juvenile orcas can swim from the moment they are born, but they are completely dependent on breastfeeding for one to two years?

: Monika Wieland Shield

– Ocean (@oceana) April 19, 2018

Andrew Trites echoed Wieland’s concerns and urged people not to rush to blame the orcas for every mysterious event in the ocean.

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