Alexander Auder Wikipedia, High Maintainance, Mother, Wiki

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Alexander Auder Wikipedia, High Maintenance, Mother, Wiki

Alexander Auder Wikipedia, High Maintenance, Mother, Wiki – One of Andy Warhol’s inspirations was Viva, Alexandra Auder’s mother. Viva starred in two of Warhol’s films, Lonesome Cowboys and The Loves of Ondine, and she was on the phone with him when he was shot dead in 1968.

Alexander Auder Wikipedia, High Maintenance, Mother, WikiAlexander Auder Wikipedia, High Maintenance, Mother, Wiki

Warhol’s entourage meant that Auder had an unusual childhood. She played the daughter of a dominion as a child in an underground drama. Auder and Viva leave their home in a dilapidated car and travel the country with a cat they adopted along the way when Auder’s parents divorced when Viva was 5 years old.

According to Auder, cars don’t have heat. “So at some point we didn’t have the heat in the Rocky Mountains. And whenever my mom says, “Oh my God, my feet are going to freeze to death,” I rub one of her feet to keep her warm while she’s driving.

Viva, Auder, and Gaby Hoffmann, Auder’s half-sister, resided for a time at Manhattan’s Chelsea Hotel, which is famous for hosting notable figures including Leonard Cohen, Dylan Thomas, Virgil Thomson and Bob Dylan.

I had the best time living there, says Auder of Chelsea. “Of course, there are individuals who roam in and out. Despite the occasional presence of police officers and a few quirky characters, a “normal” person might be terrified of crowds, but no one threatened me in any way. In fact, I admire eccentric people.

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High Maintenance is one of Auder’s roles in the HBO series. She’s also a yoga instructor, who is known for mocking the commercialization of yoga on Instagram. In her recent memoir, Don’t Call Me Home, she reflected on her unusual upbringing.

On an interview

She is the most gorgeous woman I have ever met, and when I was young, I was very impressed with her. Also, I love it when other people recognize her in public, which happens sometimes. It’s really my favorite tickle. In my opinion, she is the most intelligent and admirable woman in the world. And since she’s who she is, I don’t believe she gave it much thought, such as “I want to be a celebrity” or “I’m a celebrity”. She’s really just going through the motions. And her encounter with Warhol was just one of those strange synchronicities that occurred on the streets of New York in the 1960s and will probably never happen again.

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