Alex Belfield Wiki: How Old Is He? Radio Presenter Parents And Net Worth Details

Alex Belfield is a former BBC local radio DJ who was recently embroiled in a scandal that resulted in a trial, after which the presenter was convicted guilty. He was charged with internet harassment and stalking eight persons, the majority of whom work for the BBC. In September 1997, the former British radio broadcaster and performer began his career. In 1999, he relocated to Nairobi to host Belfield on Breakfast 98.4.

He is one of the BBC’s most well-known broadcasters. However, he made news again during his court trial in June 2021. He is also a YouTuber, and with 20 years of media expertise, he has a considerable following. On his channel Voice Of Reason, he has almost 361K subscribers.

How old is Alex Belfield?

The radio personality was born on August 14, 1980, in Nottinghamshire, England. Alex began his academic career in his hometown, where he attended a private school and graduated from high school. Though he is thought to be a graduate, little information on his further education credentials is available. Since beginning his career in 1997, the 42-year-old has worked for over 80 radio stations in the United Kingdom. He had just returned from Nairobi. In 2001, he started his radio hosting career with BBC Leicester. Between 2004 and 2010, he was heard on a variety of prominent radio stations, including BBC Bristol, Mercia FM, and others.

Alex Belfield

He began presenting and creating material for his website, celebrity radio, in 2012. The website has audio and video celebrity interviews as well as theater, travel, and restaurant reviews. According to a study, his YouTube channel has had over 58.8 million minutes of views since its inception in 2009, including 11.9 million minutes in 2019. His work on his celebrity radio station is what sparked the uproar.

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Who Is Alex Belfield’s Father?

The performer has seldom discussed his family and parents. As a result, there is no critical information on his parents. The same is true for his siblings; there has been no news about them. He is a Christian and is said to be of English descent. The 42-year-old has never directly addressed the camera and has seldom divulged anything significant about his family or siblings. As a result, his family history remains unclear.

Why was Alex Belfield imprisoned?

The YouTuber and broadcaster was sentenced to prison after being found guilty of stalking four victims online. Since his early days in journalism, his manner has been divisive. This time, though, things became more serious.

Alex posted statements on social media about the victims and urged anyone who followed him to attack them. The accused’s hatred for his victims was so intense that one of the BBC Radio presenters, Bernie Keth, was on the verge of committing himself. Source:(Grampian)According to reports, the perpetrator emailed and uploaded nasty texts, videos, and emails. Jurors found Alex guilty of four offenses committed between 2012 and 2021 that were so serious that only incarceration was justified. Following the conviction in 2022, the former BBC Journalist was sentenced to five and a half years in jail.

Is Former BBC Presenter Married?

The actor has never divulged anything about his personal life, particularly his relationships and family. He seemed to be preoccupied with his career, and the 42-year-old couldn’t find time for a romance. He is not married and is single. He was infatuated with his profession and spent his whole life drawing people to his channels. He had a successful career as a journalist, but it was all for nothing after his imprisonment.

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Alex Belfield

Alex Belfield’s Net Worth

The broadcaster, blogger, and journalist is one of the most well-known radio hosts of his generation. However, there is no reliable information on his net worth. It is estimated that it will cost between 1-2 million dollars. Throughout his career, he has been involved in scandals and has often made headlines in local publications, but things have taken a serious turn. When a case was made against him in court for Harassment and stalking, his case exposed the negative elements of social media and the internet, and his punishment was well deserved.

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