Adam Baumgartner Obituary: La Crosse WI Native Dies in Motorcycle Accident

The La Crosse, Wisconsin community is mourning the tragic loss of Adam Baumgartner, known affectionately as “ICEMAN,” who lost his life in a devastating motorcycle accident. Adam was a cherished member of the community, and his passing has left a profound void in the hearts of many.

Adam Baumgartner, a beloved resident of La Crosse, was not just a name but a beacon of kindness and compassion. Engaged to Angela Gromacki, who works at Gundersen Health System, Adam was known for his exceptional warmth and boundless generosity. His presence could light up any room, and he never hesitated to extend a helping hand to those in need. Family was at the center of his world, and his character radiated qualities that not only showcased his inherent goodness but also served as an inspiration to all who had the privilege of knowing him. In his professional life, Adam’s unwavering integrity was a testament to his commitment to excellence.

The untimely passing of Adam occurred as a result of a devastating motorcycle accident. The specific details surrounding the incident have not been disclosed to the public. According to an official statement, Adam sustained severe injuries in the accident. However, as of now, no authoritative source has provided conclusive information about the exact cause of the crash or whether it involved other vehicles. Despite the lack of clarity regarding the circumstances, Adam’s family has confirmed this tragic loss. Our deepest sympathies and support go out to them as they navigate through this incredibly challenging period.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Dan Deicher expressed his deep sentiments about Adam Baumgartner, describing him as a gentle soul with whom he shared a longstanding connection.

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“This guy was a damn teddy bear. I’ve known Adam Baumgartner since the first couple of months, I started announcing at the La Crosse Speedway 16 years ago. If you remember, he is the son of Captain Bob, and he used to hold onto Bob’s pants as he waved his hat on the green flag of the late model features start. Huge Todd Korish fans. If you put him and I together bars would cringe. He used to tell me that I was one of the best announcers that he ever heard and he said he could sit back and drink a beer and hear me sing a race and still love it. Racing family heartbreak hits it again. Travis Christenson, I’m here for you bro. RIP Baumy!!!” – Wrote by Dan Deicher

The family of Adam Baumgartner has announced that his obituary and funeral arrangements will be made public at a later time. They are currently in need of space and time to navigate through their grief and healing process. Once they feel emotionally prepared to share the details of his funeral, they will provide an update to the community and those who wish to pay their respects. The La Crosse community will remember Adam Baumgartner for his enduring kindness, boundless compassion, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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