Abigail Breslin Opened Up About Her Abusive Relationship

During domestic abuse awareness month, Little Miss Sunshine actress Abigail Breslin spoke out about a tragic prior violent relationship on Saturday. She described her two-year experience surviving domestic violence on Instagram. Breslin had previously shared on Instagram how she suffered from PTSD as a consequence of sexual assault by an ex-boyfriend. She did not share the identity of the abusive boyfriend in both instances.

Breslin wrote in the post:

“For two years, I was in an abusive relationship. Everything began off brilliantly, and I was completely smitten. Unfortunately, my attacker took advantage of my naivety and naiveté, and the relationship turned violent as a result.”

She detailed the horrible abuse she experienced and how she had to hide the reality throughout the relationship.

Breslin says, “I was beaten on a daily basis, confined into rooms, and made to pretend everything was alright and normal while suffering with serious injuries….. injuries most people didn’t even notice.” She was subjected to both verbal and physical abuse by her abuser.

“In addition to the physical injuries, there were many put-downs, humiliation, and severe verbal abuse.”

She went on to express her thanks to everyone who helped her throughout this difficult period.

“These two years were the most lonely I’ve ever felt.” I am eternally grateful for the aid of my family and friends, who were vital and invaluable in assisting me in leaving this dreadful circumstance.”

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Despite the fact that the Zombieland actress did not name the abuser, the news sparked suspicion about the actress’s personal life. Abigail Breslin had previously been connected to Freddie Highmore. Abigail Breslin is no stranger to her dating life being a subject of conversation, having grown up in Hollywood.

She has been associated with a number of individuals in the business over the years.

Michael Clifford

Michael Clifford, the lead guitarist for 5 Seconds of Summer, is said to have dated Abigail Breslin in 2013. There are even speculations that Breslin’s song You Suck was inspired by him. Last year, the Australian musician married Crystal Leighhave.

Abigail Breslin

Jack Barakat

Jack Barakat of All Time Low and Abigail Breslin allegedly dated from October 2013 until 2014. In many instances, they were pictured together. He was 25 at the time, and Breslin was 17. In 2021, Barakat and All Time Low were accused of grooming a juvenile. According to reports, the guitarist is currently single.

Tom Sturridge

According to rumors, Tom Sturridge, 36, and Abigail Breslin began dating in 2016. Sturridge was another possible recipient of Breslin’s You Suck. The British actor is currently said to be dating Alexa Chung, a British model, writer, and fashion designer.

Freddie Highmore

Between 2016 and 2017, Abigail Breslin was connected to British actor Freddie Highmore, 30. Neither actor has admitted to having a romantic involvement with the other. For one year, Freddie Highmore has been married to Klarissa Munz.

Abigail Breslin

Ira Kunyansky

Ira Kunyansky, 31, and Abigail Breslin have been engaged for six months, as of February 22, 2022. Kunyansky works in the tourism sector and dislikes being in the limelight. The couple’s relationship status is unknown, however, Breslin initially uploaded a picture with him in November 2017.

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In her revelatory Instagram post, Abigail acknowledged her fiancé and talked about her recovery journey:

“My fiancé and I are currently in a beautiful, healthy, happy, and lovely relationship. My C-PTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder) is substantially improved compared to the first 2-3 years after my violent relationship.”

The actress from Stillwater ended her letter on a good note, saying:

“I hope that sharing a little more about my journey helps some folks feel a little less alone.”

Abigail Breslin provided her followers with tools and services that a victim could need, such as a phone number to a 24-hour hotline.

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