5 Shocking Facts From The Dianne Hood Murder Case

In the inaugural episode of Investigation Discovery’s riveting true-crime miniseries, People Magazine Presents: Crimes of the ’90s, the horrifying Dianne Hood murder case is revisited. The episode premiered on Investigation Discovery on Monday, August 1, 2022, at 8/7c.

The episode’s title is 1990: Valley of the Damned, and according to the official synopsis:

“People Magazine examines Dianne Hood’s murder in 1990; nobody understands why someone would kill the well-liked mother, but the inquiry reveals two failed marriages, an adulterous affair, and one guy attempting to manipulate two women.”

Since the announcement of the episode showing Hood’s horrible murder, people have been anxious to hear more about the chilling murder case. So, without further ado, let’s get started and learn some of the most important details concerning the horrible murder case.

Learn 5 heartbreaking facts about the Dianne Hood murder case from 1990.

1) Who was Dianne Hood?

Dianne Hood, a 32-year-old lady from Colorado, was murdered. Her birthplace was Pecos County, Texas, where she was born in July 1958. She was a profoundly devout lady who often visited churches. She married a pious guy called Brian Hood, who used to be an insurance salesman. Her spouse was also a member of the church. Dianne and her husband, Brian Hood, have three children. Dianne’s life seemed to be completely normal, but this all changed when a horrible murder happened, and Dianne’s life was cut short.

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2) When and where did the terrifying occurrence occur?

On September 12, 1990, a terrifying tragedy occurred that drastically altered Dianne’s destiny. Dianne was said to have lupus. She attended multiple support groups at the local community center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, due to her medical condition. Dianne was supposedly on her way home from one of these support sessions at the local community center on September 12, 1990, when the frightening occurrence occurred.

Dianne Hood

3) What Happen to Dianne Hood?

According to reports, a masked assailant assaulted Dianne from behind with an antique.45-caliber pistol. The perpetrator stole her pocketbook and shot her cruelly from behind with the pistol. The assailant reportedly stood over her corpse, shooting her again and taking her precious life. The killer attempted to make the situation seem to be a robbery. Dianne Hood, on the other hand, was cold-bloodedly killed with meticulous forethought.

4) Who was Dianne Hood’s murderer?

Later, as the inquiry progressed, it was revealed that Dianne’s husband was having an affair with a 28-year-old woman called Jennifer Reali, who was the one who murdered Dianne. Jennifer Reali was married to Ben Reali, an Army officer, and the pair had two children. During her trial, she confessed to her horrible act and revealed that Dianne’s husband planned, started, and directed Jennifer Reali to carry it out.

Dianne Hood

5) Jennifer Reali and Brian Hood, what happened to them?

Jennifer Reali was allegedly found guilty and sentenced to life in prison in 1992 for Dianne Hood’s first-degree murder. Jennifer Reali’s sentence, however, was commuted by Colorado’s then-governor in 2011, granting her parole eligibility. Jennifer was said to have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2014. She was granted parole in 2017. Jennifer died on March 24, 2018, barely months after being released from prison.

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Brian Hood was also charged with and convicted of second-degree murder and murder conspiracy in the death of his wife, Dianne. Brian Hood was eventually sentenced to 37 years in jail. He was allegedly released on parole in March 2019.

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