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Collection of more than 50 essays Write a letter to your loved one about your dream, a selection of outlines and sample essays to help students learn how to write a letter Write a letter to their loved one about their dream 4 or better.


Topic: Write a letter to your loved one telling about your dream.

Mục lục

Outline Write a letter to your loved one about your dream

* Message header:

– Place and time of writing.

– Regards.

* Main part:

State the purpose and reason for writing the letter.

– Check the status of the mail recipient.

– Report the situation of the letter writer.

– Express ideas to exchange or express feelings to the recipient of the letter.

* The last part of the letter:

– Wishes, thanks, promises.

– Signature and name or full name.


Write a letter to your loved one about your dream – sample 1

…, day month Year …

Hello Uncle Hung!

Are you still healthy and doing well? I haven’t seen you in a long time, my grandparents miss you very much. I hope to have the opportunity to visit you soon so that we can play seahorses together and I can hear about you catching criminals.

Uncle! At first, I didn’t know much about the police, but since you went to school to work, when I heard from you, you talked about the hard and dangerous work of police aunts and uncles, but I felt very admired. Every time you come to play, you teach me to learn martial arts, I like it very much, I have martial arts and no one can bully me anymore, uncle. You are the pride of your grandparents and the whole family. That’s why I have a dream to become a police officer to catch drug criminals like you so that my parents will always be proud of me. When I told this to my grandparents, parents, and the whole family, everyone told me to study hard and study well to become a good police officer. I know that you study very well, our family has many certificates of merit and awards, so I need to try harder.

Uncle! If you have a leave of absence, please visit your grandparents and parents and play with your grandchildren. I will stop writing here. Wish you always healthy and good work, I promise to study hard to become a good policeman like you in the future.

Son of An’s father,


Write a letter to your loved one about your dream – sample 2

…, day month Year …

Dear Hong!

I am very happy that this morning, I received a letter from Hong. From your words, knowing that everyone is healthy makes me happy. And Hong wants me to tell a story? What can I say other than my studies. Well, I’ll talk about my dreams!

Oh, Hong! After years of studying and visiting here and there, I finally have a beautiful dream and I hope I can fulfill it.


Number is last summer, my family let me go on a trip with my mother’s agency. As soon as I sat in the car, I got acquainted with the tour guide, which is a beautiful young girl with a ripe plum color dress. The car started to shift, taking everyone towards the dreamy foggy city. Although I only spent a few short days in Da Lat, I know this city very well. Why, do you know? It was thanks to the tour guide. Going to every beautiful landscape such as: Cu hill, Xuan Huong lake, Tuyen Lam lake or Cam Li waterfall, Da-tan-la waterfall… then Than Tho lake or Valley of Love, every scenic spot, she told very well. interesting and engaging about their history or legends for the whole group to hear. Looking at her passionately talking, at that time, suddenly in my heart, a real dream arose to become a tour guide like her, to go everywhere, to know a lot about my hometown and country. .

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Hong, after that trip, I have read books about the history and geography of our country. You know, what you have learned has nothing to do with what you see and hear. The more I read, the more proud I am of the country, the people, the landscapes, the people of Vietnam… I promise to try, never to back down from difficulties.

Well, the letter is also quite long, my dream has told you. Hope you also have good dreams and write to me. Once again. May your family always be happy and healthy. As for Hong, please study well so that you can give wings to your dreams of flying far and higher.

Looking forward to your letter,

Hong’s friend.

Write a letter to your loved one about your dream – sample 3

…, day month Year …

Dear Thinh!

I haven’t received your letter for a long time. How are you? Is your study good? Are your parents’ jobs okay?

Thinh, yesterday, I watched TV and knew: there was a student who won the title of good student in math and was allowed to take an exam in the district. I also like math very much, I wish to be a good student in math to take the district exam. I know it’s hard to achieve this, but I tried: I did more homework and learned a lot from my classmates. I hope with my efforts now, my thing will become a reality in the future!

Best friend,


Write a letter to your loved one about your dream – sample 4

…, day month Year …


Dear Thanh Vinh!

It’s been six months since we’ve been apart, I miss you so much!

Oh Vinh! How are you and your family these days? How have you been studying? I’m still normal out here, I’m still studying all subjects and I’m the best at literature, Vinh! Recently, my teacher published an essay about my dream, I wrote about my dream of being a writer. You know, I love reading novels. Especially recently, you gave me the book “Crickets adventure diary” by writer To Hoai. Since then, I have always dreamed of becoming a writer, writing great books. So what is your dream? Can you share it with me?

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I wish you good health and good study.

Best friend,

Minh Hien.

Write a letter to your loved one about your dream – sample 5

…, day month Year …

Dear Huyen Tram!

I just received your letter this morning. After reading your letter, I am very happy. These days, I am very healthy, studying is also quite good. My Math has gotten better, and my Vietnamese has surpassed the first place.

Do you remember when we used to play the game of writing dreams in glass bottles and then burying them under a tree? It was fun back then, wasn’t it? I remember that time when I wrote down my dream to become Sailor Moon, thinking back to that time I was so childish. Now that I’m older, more knowledgeable, I really want to become a literature teacher like my mother. Every day, when I see my mother hard at work preparing lesson plans, reading documents, and writing poetry, I really like it. Perhaps since I was a child, I heard my mother tell literary stories, so the profession of literature was deeply ingrained in my mind. I love literature very much, I love reading books and commenting on them, I also love children very much. The profession of a literature teacher is probably the most suitable for me, don’t you think? Do you have any dreams for the future? Write a letter to tell me!

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Wish you always healthy and study well. I will wait for your reply.

Your best friend,

Thuc Trinh.

Write a letter to your loved one about your dream – sample 6

…, day month Year …

Dear Minh!

So I haven’t seen you for 5 months. How are you these days? Still skinny or have you gained any weight? Since the day he transferred to Ho Chi Minh City, everyone in my class was very sad, his classmates mentioned him all the time! New class, how is your new school, are you used to it? It must be fun. When you have free time, don’t forget to write to me!

Hey Minh, what do you want to do in the future? As for me, I wish I could become a famous musician like Trinh Cong Son, Van Cao, to bring great melodies to a more beautiful life. My name and the melodies I compose will be like those musicians, will live forever in time. The songs written by me will be loved by everyone and sung everywhere to dispel sadness or cheer and encourage someone when they are having an unhappy situation in life. Do you find my dream interesting? Let me know what you think and tell me your dream! I look forward to your letter.

Minh’s good friend,

Nguyen Quang Huy.

Write a letter to your loved one about your dream – sample 7

…, day month Year …

Dear Thanh!

Thanh, how are you? Is your father still going to get treatment? Are you still studying as good as ever? Is your mother still working in the industrial park? Did Cu Thai go to kindergarten? Is your school far away to go to school?

And my family here is still as good as the day I returned. This year, he studied with Mr. Lap. You have to take 8 lessons. I’m very happy, Thanh because there are many interesting lessons in grade 4, I like it very much. The teacher always said: “Having a merit to grind iron, one day it becomes a needle”. Thanh know? He has a dream that in the future he will become a general doctor who can cure all serious diseases for all people. And I hope I can cure Uncle Tien, your father, too. He envisioned, he would work in a large hospital. He will wear white blouses and hats. He will perform surgeries with modern equipment, saving the lives of many patients.

Thanh, your dream is like that. What do you dream of doing in the future? I told him to go? Please wait for Thanh’s letter. Well, the letter you wrote is long, I stop writing here. I wish Thanh good luck in his studies and good luck. I wish you all good health and luck. May my wish come true soon.

my cousin,


Bui Man Nam.

Write a letter to your loved one about your dream – sample 8

Hanoi Day Month Year……

Dear Mr. Toan!

Today, the weekend, I took the opportunity to write to you to ask. It has been a long time since he followed Uncle Ma to Ho Chi Minh City, the two of us have not had the opportunity to meet and talk like when we were children. How are you and your family these days? Is your study good? Today I am writing this letter to ask about your health and family. By the way, I want to tell you about my dream.

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Since I went sightseeing with my father, a burning dream has arisen in my mind. Visiting the works that have been and are being built, my dream of becoming an architect to design modern palatial buildings has made me dream about architecture. I hope to paint luxurious villas, beautiful buildings, spacious and beautiful schools.

Mr. Toan! What dreams do you have? Please tell me.

Will you support me? Let’s work hard to study to achieve our future dreams.

I pause the pen. Good luck with your studies and have beautiful dreams. I’m waiting for your letter!

Anh’s younger brother

Hoang Minh Anh

Write a letter to your loved one about your dream – sample 9

Hanoi Day Month Year…

Hello Mr. Hung!

This is Minh, my brother is here. Do you remember me? I haven’t written to you for a long time. How are you these days, are you healthy and studying?

Mr. Hung, what do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become a good lawyer like my brother because this is a profession that is respected by society because it contributes to protecting justice and justice for everyone. If I become a good lawyer, I will defend innocent people so that no one will be wrongly convicted. How do you see my dream? Remember to write to me and let me know your thoughts and dreams!

At the end of the letter, I wish you and your family good health. Let’s try to study together to make our dreams come true!

Your cousin


Nguyen Van Minh

Write a letter to your loved one about your dream – sample 10

….., day …. May….

Dear Miss Lan!

You and I have not seen each other for a long time. I am writing this letter to ask about my health and tell Lan about a dream of mine.

Miss Lan! How are you and your family these days? How is your study situation? My family is still healthy. My results are still good. My dream is to become a doctor. I want to be a doctor because last year, I fell and broke my arm. My mother immediately took me to the hospital. The doctor taking care of me is Ms. Nga. She took good care of me and was very attentive. That day, my mother asked: “What will you do when you grow up?”. I thought of the scene of Ms. Nga working and taking care of patients, so I answered immediately: I want to be a doctor like Ms. Nga, mom!”. My mother smiled, I knew she understood about my dream. I think in the future, if you want to become a good doctor, you have to work hard in every field.

Stop! The letter was also long! I will stop writing here. In the future, if you have any dreams, please tell me! Wishing you good health and progress in your studies. Hello.



Huynh Thi Thuy Ngan

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