Những câu đố cho trẻ từ dễ đến khó chi tiết nhất [Có kèm đáp án 2022]

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Puzzles are an indispensable part to help young children develop their thinking, carve more objects and animals into their minds. However, because each age has a different cognitive range, the question also needs to be appropriate. Below we have collected 7 year old quizzes and preschool puzzles with answers. Parents, please refer.

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Puzzles for children 7 years old

7 years old is a time when children develop clear thinking, much faster than 6 years old when they start school. To test your child’s talent, you can categorize them by different topics such as animal puzzles, object puzzles, trick puzzles, etc.

Puzzles for children 7 years old about animals

* Puzzle number 1:

Four columns of four pillars

The one who sits on top

Silver sword on both sides

Worshiping the king of God

What child?

(Answer: The elephant).

* Puzzle number 2:

My body is half a mouse, half a bird

Hanging legs to sleep during the day, looking for flying bait at night

God bless you with good eyes and ears

The darkness of darkness keeps flying?

What child?

(Answer: Bat)

* Puzzle number 3:

High neck, high legs

Black feet, white wings, in and out of green fields

Country scene more beautiful picture

Why do you have to bear the sound of ghosts to lure bait?

What child?

(Answer: Stork)

* Puzzle number 4:

I am equal to a grain of rice

Beak of millet

Ask where to go?

Go to work as a carpenter.

What child? (Answer: Weevils)

* Puzzle number 5:

The four pillars of the communal house

Two sharp nails

Two rattles

A teng

Black skin shaft

Love the swamp again?

What child?

(Answer: Buffalo)

* Puzzle number 6:

What is in the water?


Likes to play

It’s not a fat pig, sleep well, eat well

Why did Tru Bat Gioi come to visit relatives?

(Answer: The dolphin)

puzzles for kids 2

Puzzles for 7 year olds about fruits

* Puzzle number 1:

River water does not come

Sea water does not enter

How can there be water?

Fish can’t live.

What is the fruit?

(Answer: Coconut)

* Puzzle number 2:

In the middle of the sky, there is a puddle of clear water

Fish heart wading does not come, bees do not enter?

(Answer: Coconut).

* Puzzle number 3:

Toad skin that covers chicken eggs

Add a delicious aroma the whole family wants to eat

What is the fruit?

(Answer: Jackfruit).

* Puzzle number 4:

Toad skin covered with filter powder

Filtered powder that covers the coal

What is the fruit?

(Answer: Lychee fruit).

* Puzzle number 5:

One mother gave birth to a hundred children

Trying to feed a hundred

Every full moon day

Smoked by people,

To lie on high?

(Answer: Banana).

* Puzzle number 6:

Have eyes but no ears

The flesh is white inside, the skin is green on the outside

When the child sleeps on the branch

When I’m old, I open my eyes

Turn into delicious results.

What is the fruit?

(Answer: Custard apple).

puzzles for kids 3

Quiz for 7 year olds about school supplies

*Question #1:

White skin

Pure white intestines

Friends with students

Like brush head on the board?

What is a quiz?

Answer: Chalk.

* Puzzle number 2:

Smooth tree

In the black intestine

Child retreat

Squeeze your head down!


Answer: Pencil.

* Puzzle number 3:

The head is square and the tail is the same

The body is divided into many segments very quickly and evenly

Adorable true personality

Want to know the length and length of every dimension with you


Answer: Ruler.

* Puzzle number 4:

An iron leg

A lead leg

Iron legs stand still

Lead legs run around


Answer: The compass.

* Puzzle number 5:

Summer vacation, empty classrooms

Miss you have to sleep, can’t follow back

When school starts, it’s fun again

Just woke up to the same profession as before

Echoes like thunder in the early afternoon

Remind when studying, take a lunch break on time


Answer: The field drum.

* Puzzle number 6:

Long back pointed beak,

blue shirt red shirt,

Drink water in a jar,

Rest, then lie down,

If you have work to do,

The upside down tail


Answer: The pen.

puzzles for kids 4

Puzzles for children 7 years old other topics

* Puzzle number 1:

What animal eats fire with coal water?

(Answer: The ship)

* Puzzle number 2:

What is equal to the swing, the area down to the pond.

Digging not see, and take such be?

(Answer: Moon)

* Puzzle number 3:

What’s in the white outside the blue?

Planting beans, planting onions and then releasing pigs?

(Answer: Banh chung).

* Puzzle number 4:

What hit your father, hit your cheek, hit you, hit your sister, hit you?

(Answer: Toothbrush)

* Puzzle number 5:

One mother gave birth to four children

When I was three years old, my mother still had two

What is that?

(Answer: Limbs)

* Puzzle number 6:

Seeds sown in abundance

Spread evenly throughout the field

But the seed sown does not germinate

Let other seeds celebrate the green growth

What seed is it?

(Answer: Raindrops)

* Puzzle number 7:

My body was in the bamboo bush.

Winter folds summer unfolds.


(Answer: Paper fan)

* Puzzle number 8:

Whatever you walk, lie down, stand also lie down,

but stay standing?


(Answer: Feet).

* Puzzle number 9:

Above the cave, under the cave

There is a halibut in the middle


(Answer: The mouth)

* Puzzle number 10:

Stay at home like biceps

Out of the big expansion nia


(Answer: Umbrella or umbrella)

* Puzzle number 11:

Dragon body, phoenix tail le te

Incubate eggs in winter, hatch in summer

What tree is it?

(Answer: Areca tree)

* Puzzle number 12:

Not a roof, but a roof

Not transplanting but growing evenly

Old is white

Young is black

What is that?

(Answer: Hair)

puzzles for kids 5

Puzzles for children 7 years old thinking high

* Puzzle number 1:

What is the largest commune commune?

(Answer: Society)

* Puzzle number 2:

Which is the longest road?

(Answer: The way of life)

* Puzzle number 3:

What are the widest pants?

(Answer: Islands)

* Puzzle number 4:

What slams live, if you don’t beat, you die?

(Answer: Heart)

* Puzzle number 5:

Which mouse walks on two legs?

(Answer: Mickey Mouse).

* Puzzle number 6:

A glass full of water, how to get water from the bottom of the glass without spilling out?

(Answer: Use a straw)

* Puzzle number 7:

2 ducks go in front of 2 ducks, 2 ducks go behind 2 ducks, 2 ducks go between 2 ducks. How many ducks are there?

(Answer: 4 children)

* Puzzle number 8:

2 people: 1 big, 1 kid go to the top of a mountain. The little one is the child of the adult, but the adult is not the father of the child, who is the adult?

(Answer: Mother).

* Puzzle number 9:

What does the king call the queen?

(Answer: By mouth or mouth).

* Puzzle number 10:

The Lan family has 3 brothers, the first is named Nhat Hao, the second is named Nhi Hao. What is the name of the third person?

(Answer: Lan is the third person).

Reference: The strange puzzle that “dropped” was “sticky”, twisted because it was too cute

Puzzles for preschoolers

Preschool age children have also discovered a lot of interesting things in life. In order to help children carve more deeply into the brain, sometimes teachers and parents try to give puzzles with rewards. This will encourage the child’s spirit.

Puzzles for preschoolers about animals

Animals around children are many, familiar and close. Surely, with simple puzzles, children just need to think a little to get the answer right away.

* Puzzle number 1:

What animal has a short tail and long ears?

Fluffy pink eyes

Has the ability to run fast

What child?

(Answer: Rabbit).

* Puzzle number 2:

What’s wacky

Department of te

Lay eggs round

Call someone to pick up

(Answer: The hen).

* Puzzle number 3:

What animals eat grass?

Head with 2 horns

Nose tied with rope

The plow is very good.

(Answer: Buffalo).

* Puzzle number 4:

Only eat young grass

Drink clean water

Which I give you

Lots of fresh milk

(Answer: Dairy cow).

* Puzzle number 5:

What is saying “Screw! Screw!”

Follow your mother to the pond

No different from mom

Also waddling, waddling

(Answer: Duckling).

* Puzzle number 6:

What animal has a long neck?

Eat leaves on high

Star speckled skin

Live in the grasslands?

(Answer: Giraffe).

* Puzzle number 7:

What animal has short legs?

But there is a membrane

Yellow flat beak

Or scorpion?

(Answer: Duck).

* Puzzle number 8:

Beautiful beak

Tiny legs

Cool golden feathers

“Chiep! Chiep!” all day. What child?

(Answer: Chicks)

* Puzzle number 9:

Usually in early summer

Keep the owner’s house

Stranger it barks

People who know it are happy

What child?

(Answer: Dog).

* Puzzle number 10:

What is “beep”

The head has two small horns

Likes to eat a lot of leaves and grass

Bring sweet milk to people

(Answer: Goat).

* Puzzle number 11:

What is squirming everywhere?

Chicken without loophole is eaten immediately

(Answer: Fox).

* Puzzle number 12:

What four-toed animal?

Breast enlargement slim belly

Mane fluttering

Flying as fast as the wind?

(Answer: Horse)

* Puzzle number 13:

High neck, high legs

Black feet, white wings, in and out of green fields

Country scene more beautiful picture

Why do you have to bear the sound of ghosts to lure bait?

What child?

(Answer: Stork).

* Puzzle number 14:

What is a good swimmer?

What animal goes back and forth to go sideways?

What is a good dancer?

What is walking, standing, lying in a cave, sitting?

(Answer: Fish, crab, peacock, toad).

puzzles for kids 6

Puzzles for preschoolers about fruits

Fruits and vegetables provide a rich source of vitamins and minerals for the development of children. Parents can quiz some fruits below to see if their children can recognize them.

* Puzzle number 1:

Black sesame paste

Eat and see

Both nutritious and cool

What is the fruit?

(Answer: Dragon fruit).

* Puzzle number 2:

What small fruit?

Ripe red like flowers

Fresh and beautiful home garden

Spicy tongue?

(Answer: Chili).

* Puzzle number 3:

What fruit has many eyes?

When ripe, it cracks

This white gut

Black seeds are fast branching

(Answer: Custard apple).

* Puzzle number 4:

What reminds me of my mother?

When eating do you remember to rub to soften?

(Answer: Breast milk).

* Puzzle number 5:

What fruit is white inside?

Scatter black seeds

Do you taste it?

Sweet is sweet.

What is the fruit?

(Answer: Longan fruit)

* Puzzle number 6:

Standing on the edge of the ditch

The fruit is full.. the chamber

Arrange in two turns.

What is the fruit?

(Answer: Banana).

* Puzzle number 8:

What fruit is like a piglet

Green skin, red intestines, sweet and delicious when old

Eat and miss a lot of people far away

Found by a prince from a far away island

(Answer: Watermelon).

puzzles for kids 7

Puzzles for preschoolers on other topics

Some puzzles on other topics are also very interesting, stimulating children’s thinking. Parents, please refer.

* Puzzle number 1:

What is a small tree?

Its seeds feed people

Nine gold everywhere

Villagers go to pick

(Answer: Rice).

* Puzzle number 2:

Sparkling glitter

Hanging on the wall

Before going to school

Baby combing hair


(Answer: The mirror).

* Puzzle number 3:

Also called cake

But not to eat

To wash clothes

For fragrance, for clean

What is that?

(Answer: Soap cake).

* Puzzle number 4:

What lights up in the night

Help the lower house,

The house above is bright.


(Answer: The lamp).

* Puzzle number 5:

Have legs but can’t walk

Year-round, month-round standing in one place

Friends, blankets, pillows

For those who lie down to sleep,

Relax day and night.

(Answer: The bed),

* Puzzle number 6:

People in one place, voice in one place

Whenever I raise my voice

Everyone listens.

(Answer: TV speakers, radio).

* Puzzle number 7:

A mother usually has six children

Loving mother to share the water is full.

(Answer: Cup set).

* Puzzle number 8:

Woven from cotton yarn

But with merit

Help the person wash their face

Do you know what?

(Answer: Face towel).

puzzles for kids 8


Puzzles for children from easy to difficult are partly drawn from the past as well as a way to preserve the national culture. In addition, they also help children develop holistic thinking. Parents sometimes take some time to play with their children.

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